Dr. Nature Environmental Education for Children

Accompanying Dr. Nature Appreciating nature, loving nature

At the request of Dr. Nature, the forest fairy cast its magic on the children, allowing them to transform into their favourite animals and experience life as these creatures for a day. However, as the fairy waved its magic wand, a strange gust of wind blew by…    

Upon returning from the Amazon rainforest, Dr. Nature found that all was quiet - there was no butterfly among the flowers, no frog by the river, no squirrel inthe treetop…

The children visited Dr. Nature in the forest, but were surprised to discover that everywhere was filled with melancholy - the little wild boar was upset, the crow was unhappy, and the monkey was sad…

We have created a series of animations and storybooks based on the protagonist Dr. Nature, and introduced these stories into schools in various interactive forms such as story-telling and online puppet theatre. Children learn about the importance of protecting nature as they follow Dr. Nature on a series of fun and exciting adventures.

We emphasise both teaching and learning, holding workshops for early childhood educators and providing educational materials to support kindergartens in promoting environmental education for young children. In addition, to advocate home-school cooperation in cultivating a love for nature in young children, we have partnered with parents and have set up the website Environmental Education for Children; we have also invited families to participate in Dr. Nature’s Pledge to Save Animals.

Since the launch of Dr. Nature Environmental Education for Children in 2015, we have organised more than 10 projects, more than 50 school activities and 20 online puppet theatre performances, reaching out to a total of 5,000 kindergarten children, teachers and parents.

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Dr. Nature Story Books

“Dr. Nature” Early Childhood Environmental Education Kit

This education kit is specially designed for kindergarten teachers. It includes six different themed environmental teaching activities, complete with resources such as lesson plans, teaching materials, teaching activities, and presentations. Teachers can easily promote early childhood environmental education. All kindergartens in Hong Kong are welcome to request and download these resources for free.

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Dr. Nature Loves Nature Education Kit (For teacher use)

Love Nature Environmental Education Page for Children
Love Nature Environmental Education Page for Children
Love Nature Environmental Education Page for Children
Love Nature Environmental Education Page for Children
Love Nature Environmental Education Page for Children