Green Impact Corporate Partners

Taking Action Together
Jointly Create a Sustainable Future

We invite corporations to become our “Green Impact Corporate Partner” and kick-start your “Green Impact” initiatives!

“Green Impact” is a global trend aimed at making a positive impact on the environment, reducing carbon emissions, and promoting sustainable development. Looking worldwide, different sectors are working together to achieve this goal, and we are no exception. Every year, starting on “World Environment Day”, we work continuously throughout the year with enterprises to achieve net zero carbon emissions in Hong Kong.

We welcome companies to join and become our “Green Impact Corporate Partner” or support us in other ways. If you would like to learn more about “Green Power - Green Impact Go” or have any collaboration suggestions, please click here to leave your contact information, and our specialist will get in touch with you.

*Corporations can also choose to donate either directly or anonymously.

What Green Power does Every Year: A Summary

Over 100 seminars/ field trips; over 10 enviromnental education kits benefiting over 200,000 teachers and students
Over 150 guided ecological tours, benefiting over 3,000 people
Over 10 community engagement actions, mobilising over 40,000 members of the public and reducing over 100 tonnes of CO2 emissions for the Earth
Over 50 countryside clean-up actions, mobilising over 2,000 people and removing over 10,000 kg of waste.
Over 10 ecological surveys, documenting important ecological data for Hong Kong.
2 wetland management projects, Sha Lo Tung and Long Valley Nature Park Biodiversity Zone, for the conservation of Hong Kong's crucial wetland resources

Green Impact Corporate Partner

Shown in alphabetical order
Earth Ambassador
Excellence Fitness logo
Habib Bank Zurich (Hong Kong) Limited, A Restricted Licence Bank
Hong Kong Housing Society
matilda International Hospital
Urban Group
VIAVI Solutions (Greater China) Ltd