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“Encounter with Rivers” Public Guided Tours

Exploring river ecology and channel design

It may surprise you that Hong Kong is endowed with over two hundred rivers and streams—whether big or small in size, they flow relentlessly becoming various habitats which nurture a great number of organisms. They are literally the water of life.

However, the natural river landscape—particularly the middle and lower courses—is often altered by urbanization. Residential buildings bloom by the riverside. It is a major challenge to balance flood control and ecological conservation. On the other hand, a well-designed river channel can upgrade the environment and create an urban ventilation corridor while providing leisure and recreational uses for people. It will make the city more livable.

Our guided tours will take you to different rivers in Hong Kong and learn benefits of channel designs and works to the economy, society and environment. In addition, we will explore river ecology and study the seasonal flora and fauna.

The San Tin Flood Prevention Information Centre of Drainage Services Department has been managed by Green Power since 1 December 2020, is aiming at informing public about river improvement and flood prevention works, conservation of Hong Kong rivers through operation of guided tours.

Tour Information

Theme 1: San Tin Stormwater Pumping Station and Yuen Long Bypass Floodway Infographic

Visitors will first go to San Tin Flood Prevention Information Centre at San Tin Stormwater Pumping Station to learn about major causes of flooding in Hong Kong and flood prevention strategies of the Drainage Services Department through photographs, display boards and models. After that, we will visit Yuen Long Bypass Floodway to study on site how environmental conservation is integrated in a large-scale flood prevention works. Our last stop will be the legendary Ramsar Site.

Theme 2: Yuen Long Bypass Floodway Eco Tour(Only in November and December) Infographic

In November and December, an additional stop to the Engineered Wetland of Yuen Long Bypass Floodway will be inserted on the itinerary of Theme 1 for visitors to understand how to balance flood control works and ecological conservation.


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