Sai Kung GO! Tsiu Hang‧Yim Tin Tsai‧Yeung Chau Black Kite

Sai Kung GO! Tsiu Hang‧Yim Tin Tsai‧Yeung Chau Black Kite

Over half of the land in Sai Kung has been designated for country parks. This “Back Garden of Hong Kong” is a natural paradise housing an impressive panoply of plant and animal species. This book features the Black Kite, also known as the “King of the Sky”, which is one of the highlights of Sai Kung. Hong Kong is one of the few places in the world where you can observe Black Kites up close in the cities.

In addition, we have recommended two routes for readers to consider, both of which are easily accessible and have their own unique features. The first is the Tsiu Hang trail, where you can wind through the jungle and admire the intriguing plants; the second is the Yim Tin Tsai route, where you can explore old salt production sites and the mangrove ecology. Let’s embark joyfully into Sai Kung’s boundless natural landscapes!

No. of Pages: 80

Language: Bilingual

Printing: Full Colour

Price: Not for sale (distributed to primary and secondary schools, and local community organisations in Sai Kung for free)

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