River Guidebook for Teachers (6 books per set)

River Guidebook for Teachers (6 books per set)

Rivers have always been regarded as the lifeline of communities and economic development. Yet in Hong Kong, river conservation is often neglected. In conjunction with the education scheme A River A Year, we published a set of six guidebooks for teachers, covering the Lam Tsuen River, Kam Tin River, Tung Chung River, Shan Pui River, Shing Mun River and Tuen Mun River.

The books take on a holistic approach in the study of each river, covering the upper, middle, and lower courses and river mouth, along with comprehensive analyses of the geology, hydrology, land use, environmental threats, and conservation status of river basins. There are also activity guides on River Restoration. Teachers can reference the materials and engage students in discussions on the issues facing river restoration, brainstorming with them on how river channels can be restored to their natural appearance and function. They could also discuss how to reduce the impact of water facilities on the environment in a sustainable way, so that river channels can still meet people’s need for recreation and for flood control.

No. of Pages : 64 - 132 (with full colour map and education CD-ROM)

Language : Bilingual

Printing : Full Colour

Price (per book) : $100 (non-member) / $50 (member)

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