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Tableware Rental

Originally published in Green Country, Issue 129(Dec 2017)
Author: Green Power
7 plastic spoons, 1 plastic knife and 3 plastic forks
Photo from Pixabay

The Christmas–New Year season is the high time for parties. Food catering or takeaways are the most common and convenient options for these social gatherings – at schools, in companies or among groups of friends. Many people may already be alert to the wastage of food during such occasions. However, there is an often neglected item that also causes problem – disposable tableware including cutlery.

A few plastic forks, cups and plates may seem trivial. Yet in total, they become a very different issue. Each day in Hong Kong, as many as 179 tonnes of plastic and foam items of cutlery and other tableware are discarded. The problem is even greater on festive days. Disposable tableware, with grease and stains after use, is generally dumped directly, instead of being cleaned thoroughly for recycling.

In fact, there are already in the market many portable and reusable tableware items, including foldable chopsticks, forks, spoons, cups, stainless steel drink straws, and eco-wraps for bread, etc.