December 2023

Dr. CHUI Ho Kwong, Samuel, JP
Director of Environmental Protection
EIA Ordinance Register Office
Environmental Protection Department

Dear Dr. Chui,
EIA report for Widening of Yuen Long Highway (Section between Lam Tei and Tong Yan San Tsuen)

Green Power would like to draw your kind attention to our comments about the above-captioned EIA report.

1. During the construction phase, the project proponent should anticipate minimal influences on the current usage and capacity of the Yuen Long Highway to avoid intensifying the existing congestion problem and its associated air and noise pollution.

2. Surface run-off from the project site should be well-treated and diverted to the storm drain system. Surface run-off, sewage or wastewater should not be discharged to the surrounding environment, especially the semi-natural watercourse.

3. Regarding the trip-ticket system and GPS or equivalent system to combat fly-tipping of C&D materials (Section 6.10.9), the project proponent should timely review suspected fly-tipping cases and incorporate deterrent clauses to the work contracts to penalize illegal dumping activities (if any).

4. Potential bird collision incidents due to the construction of noise barriers are the major ecological concerns of this project. Provision of bird-friendly noise barriers (Section 8.7.6) to mitigate such impact is appreciated. It is recommended to add bird collision surveys along the noise barriers during the operation phase in the EM&A to identify bird collision hotspots (if any) for further ecological mitigation.

5. Removal of trees and vegetation should be minimized as far as practicable. Regarding the proposed aesthetic plantings, compensatory planting and slope greening (Section 9.8.2), the project proponent should consider selecting native plant species to enhance the ecological functions.

Thank you very much for your kind attention. For any inquiries, please contact the undersigned at Green Power (T: 39610200, F: 2314 2661, Email:

Yours faithfully,

LO Wing-fung
Senior Education & Conservation Officer
Green Power

Yours faithfully,

LO Wing-fung
Senior Education & Conservation Officer
Green Power