November 2023

The Secretary,
Town Planning Board,
15/F, North Point Government Offices,
333 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong

Dear Sir / Madam,
Green Power’s Comments on the Schedule of Amendments to the Approved South Lantau Coast Outline Zoning Plan No. S/SLC/21

Green Power would like to express our views on the above amendments.

1. Dedicated to the overarching principle of “Development in the North, Conservation for the South” embraced in the Sustainable Lantau Blueprint promulgated in 2017, the planning intention for South Lantau coast should be in favour of conservation priority. We welcome the amendments of rezoning of areas to “Conservation Area”(“CA”), “Coastal Protection Area”(“CPA”), “Green Belt”(“GB”) or “Country Park”(“CP”).

2. We oppose item A2 (Rezoning of an area along South Lantau Road and Chi Ma Wan Road in Pui O from “CPA” to “Recreation” (“REC”)), with the reasons listed as follows:

a. According to the aerial photo records, the areas north of Chi Ma Wan Road and part of west of Chi Ma Wan Road were mainly wet agricultural land in 1960s. In the meantime, the draft South Lantau Coast OZP No. LLT/18 was prepared and exhibited for public inspection under section 5 of the Ordinance on 30 May 1980. The above mentioned areas turned to abandoned wetlands gradually in 1980s but land filling activities started in 1990s. These land filling activities breached the planning intention of the area and threatened the habitats. The rezoning from “CPA” to “REC” of these areas will give the public the impression that the authorities have sanctioned these unauthorised and environmentally destructive land filling activities.

b. Since the authorities have no enforcement powers over “REC” land in the area, some environmentally unfriendly land uses, such as car park and warehouse, are expected to occur in these areas. Some uses such as “holiday camp” and “tent camping ground” are even always permitted under Column 1 in the Schedule of Uses that not only in-situ environment is deteriorated, but also the surrounding proposed “CA” zone (originally “CPA”) may be affected by pollutions and human disturbances.

c. The “CPA” areas surrounding this proposed “REC” zone are wetlands of high ecological value. There should be buffer zones between “CPA” and developed area. Re-zoning the whole area to “REC” is not appropriate.

d. Currently the area north of Chi Ma Wan Road is not developed, it is recommended to keep it as conservation-oriented zoning such as “CPA” or “GB”.

Thank you very much for your kind attention. For any inquiries, please contact the undersigned at Green Power (T: 3961 0200, F: 2314 2661, Email:

Yours faithfully,

Henry LUI
Senior Conservation Manager
Green Power

Yours faithfully,

Henry LUI
Senior Conservation Manager
Green Power