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"Waste Reduction" 3D picture book and Teaching Resources CD-ROM

"Waste Reduction" 3D picture book is an extra large-sized 3-dimensional pictorial book specially designed for young children in their learning. Through story-telling and illustration in 3-dimension, teachers can create an inspiring and interactive learning environment to bring out the problems of waste in Hong Kong and waste reduction methods in our daily life. The Teachers' Use CD-ROM offers background information on waste reduction for teachers, for example, waste problems and related data in Hong Kong. With the 3D picture book in hand, teachers can easily convey waste reduction knowledge to young children in classroom and develop their sense of care, responsibility and treasuring limited resources.

No. of Pages: 20 (with education CD-ROM)

Target: Kindergartens

Size: A2 (around 17 ✖ 12 inches)

Language: Chinese

Printing: Full Colour

Price: $300 (non-member) / $100 (member) [Sold Out]

* Free copies of the books have been distributed to the participants of relevant activities; kindergartens and nursery centres.


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