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iDO LOVE TREE Handbook

Do trees have name cards?
Do trees have heartbeats?
Do trees give off scents?
Can the bark tell us how a tree has grown, just like our skin?

Through the fun and entertaining "four senses" tree appreciation games, "iDO LOVE TREE Handbook" guides you to not only use your eyes but also your hands, ears and nose to observe and appreciate trees!

The book presents the specially designed Tree Appreciation Trail. The Trail is 1.5 kilometres long, and starts from Shatin Park, continues along the bank of Shing Mun River and ends at Tai Wai Playground. It is right in the heart of a busy town centre, so you don't need to travel for a long distance to the countryside to learn about trees. The book introduces you to 14 tree species that are commonly seen in the urban areas of Hong Kong. You will also learn how trees and people can live together in harmony, by following the rules for tree planting in urban areas with a lot of people and traffic.

No. of Pages: 48

Language: Chinese

Printing: Full Colour

Price: Not for sale

*Free copies of the books have been distributed to the participants of relevant activities and secondary schools; public can also redeem with a customer copy of EPS receipt [Out of stock]


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