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A Green Tour of Hong Kong Trail

A Green Tour of Hong Kong Trail is the second title of the Green Tour Series of Green Power. This guidebook on Hong Kong Trail presents to our citizens both the energy and the tranquility of this 50km journey. The readers will instantly realize that living green and acting environmentally can be part of our everyday life.

Green Power editors traveled along Hong Kong Trail over and over again to make sure that the contents in the guidebook - which covers the environment, transport and facilities - is accurate and practical. For some specific species, we set out for no less than ten times in scorching summers and chilly winters. In order to produce an engaging guidebook, we did research in many locations and consulted various experts for valuable insights. Such relentless efforts are devoted to inspire readers to enjoy the serenity of this paradise just above the bustling city, where one can chase the clouds and triumph the hills, where all anxieties are forgotten. On this land of peace are also amazing funs of wildlife that worth a cheerful grin.

No. of Pages: 80

Language: Bilingual

Printing: Full Colour

Price: $80 (non-member) / $40 (member) [Sold Out]


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