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Nature Walk at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort – Nature Trails Guidebook

Although trees cannot move, they can change with seasons, flowers blossom and wither and trees bear fruits or grow new leaves. Butterflies have beautiful appearances which can attract people's attentions. Butterflies feed on flowers' nectar, caterpillars eat leaves and form pupae on tree trunks. Trees depend on butterflies to spread pollens, so there is an intimate relationship between trees and butterflies. This book introduces 5 specially designed nature trails, which locate in Hong Kong Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, Park Promenade and Inspiration Lake. There are total 88 tree species and 35 butterfly species introduced in the guidebook with maps and interesting information. The guidebook helps teachers to hold nature observing activities.

No. of Pages: 168

Language: Bilingual

Printing: Full Colour

Price: Not for sale

* Free copies of the books have been distributed to the participants of relevant activities; primary schools and secondary schools.
* Please contact Green Power for getting free copy of the book. [Out of stock]


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