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“Water Gathering Ground and its Biodiversity” Reference Books for Secondary School Teachers (Three-themed Water Gathering Grounds)

About 1/3 of Hong Kong’s total area is designated as Water Gathering Grounds. Most of the Water Gathering Grounds are within country parks, so are legally protected by the "Waterworks Ordinance" and the "Country Parks Ordinance". This has created a diverse natural environment, nurturing biodiversity. At the same time, good ecology further improves water quality and stabilises water quantity – demonstrating the importance of the interrelationship between Water and Ecology.

These books are reservoir-themed guidebooks that cover three reservoirs’ history, waterworks and ecosystem. Their Water Gathering Grounds serve as a case study to discuss the four major categories of “Ecosystem Services”: “Provisioning Services”, “Regulating Services”, “Supporting Services” and “Cultural Services”.

These books are specifically designed for secondary school teachers. The chapter "Teaching Materials” includes several teaching resources and activities that are suitable for teaching Integrated Science/ Science, Biology, Geography and Citizen & Social Development. Teachers may also download the multidisciplinary materials by scanning the QR code.

No. of Pages: 104 to 108

Target: Secondary School Teachers

Language: Bilingual

Printing: Full Colour

Price: Not for sale

* All secondary schools are eligible to get these books for free. Please click here to get a set of complimentary copies.


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