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Clean Up the World in Hong Kong - Less Waste in Mid-Autumn Festival

“Clean Up the World” is an international clean-up activity organized by the United Nations with participation from 130 cities around the world. Since 1993, we have named the official organiser for this event in Hong Kong. Themed "reduce wastage during festivals, enjoy greener celebration", we are particularly concerned about general and food waste during Mid-Autumn Festival.

Every Mid-Autumn Festival, citizens throw away several millions of moon cakes, tens of thousands of moon cake boxes and hundreds of thousands of glow sticks. Not to mention the amount of food that is wasted from Mid-Autumn Festival reunion dinners and the consumption of millions of disposable utensils at barbecues held during the festival celebration.

Since 2004, we have been conducting "Mid-Autumn Festival Waste and Celebration Habits" survey. Although findings showed that the wastage situation has improved over the years, we still need to be aware of the problem at hand. We also make “Green Mid-Autumn Festival” recommendations for citizens based on the findings of our surveys.



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