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"Hiking ✖ Eco Clean Up" Action

Every year, more than 10 million visits are made to country parks. The huge number of visitors also brings overwhelming amount of rubbish to the countryside. The estimated amount of country park refuse collected exceeds 3,000 tonnes per year. Countryside filled with garbage is not only an eyesore but it also causes environmental health issues. Wild animals may even mistakenly eat garbage that threatens their health and affects their foraging habits.

Garbage in the countryside may be left behind by inconsiderate visitors. However, even garbage thrown into rubbish bins could be carried by wind or rummaged by wild animals (e.g. monkey, boar etc.), thus scattered around countryside. As a result, visitors should “take your litter home” and dispose of them when you return to urban area.

Since the end of 2017, the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department has already removed all rubbish bins along the country park trails in order to encourage the public to take their litter home. We hope to further encourage the public to take away all their litter after camping or having picnics in the country parks.

To restore cleanliness in the countryside and promote bringing back litter and the “leave no trace” message, participants of our “Hiking X Eco Clean Up” Action carry cleaning baskets on their backs and pick up trash along the countryside trails. In addition, participants are guided by instructors to learn about the biota, environmental and geological features of the area.

The actions proceeded after kick start of the first action in 2015. You may pitch in and get the latest information by Subscribe or Download “Nature Rescue” Mobile App.


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