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Black Kite Survey

Black Kite is the most common raptor in Hong Kong, which is one of the few places around the world where you can see this bird up close in the urban area. Yeung Chau, a 5-hectare uninhabited small island opposite Sai Kung Pier, is a major habitat of Black Kite. Over 400 black kites have been recorded on the island. White-bellied sea eagles, a second grade national protected species, can also be found on the island. They are very rare and only 10 to 14 pairs of them have ever been recorded in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, the government has previously proposed developing Yeung Chau into a tourism spot; in addition, more and more people have come to the island to play war games in recent years, threatening the ecology of the local birds.

Since 2017, we have been training teachers and students in secondary schools as well as the general public to become a team of black kite surveyors. They record the numbers and behaviours of black kites near Yeung Chau regularly in order to develop an ecological databank. The databank will be used to advocate the designation of Yeung Chau as a “nature reserve” to protect the species in the long term.

  • In progress
  • Data collation in progress
  • An average of 125 counts recorded between January and December. Peak observed in November with 383 counts.
  • An average of 120 counts recorded between January and December. Peak observed in January with 341 counts.
  • An average of 104 counts recorded between June and December. Peak observed in December with 330 counts.

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