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Tung Chung River Basin, Estuary and Coastal Areas Monitoring and Survey

Tung Chung River is among the few local rivers that are still free of pollution and have a natural estuary. It has high ecological value, nurturing over 20 native freshwater fish species including Beijiang Thick-lipped Barb(Acrossocheilus beijiangensis), which is narrowly distributed in Hong Kong. Tung Chung River estuary is a large natural wetland, with mangroves and mudflat that provide nursing, feeding and sheltering habitats for a variety of marine organisms. There are numerous species of crabs and shellfish as well as the "living fossil" - Horseshoe Crab. The coastal waters are also breeding and nursery grounds of several commercially valuable fishes and pipefish. As this information shows, the Tung Chung River, its estuary and the coast are of high ecological significance.

Development of Tung Chung New Town began in the 1990s. Since then, over 300 hectares of land have been developed. The government is now launching Tung Chung New Town Extension, with plan to reclaim the lower course and estuary of Tung Chung River, and build a River Park along a stretch of the river, according to official as announcement in early 2015. Green Power has been monitoring the ecological impacts of development on Tung Chung River. We will continue our ecological survey of Tung Chung River basin, estuary and coastal areas, and regularly release the results to the public.

In 2018, we launched "In-To Tung Chung River" programme, which aims to train the public into citizen scientists to carry out ecological surveys. "Our own river, Conserve by Ourselves". Together with the community, we can gain momentum in the conservation of Tung Chung River.

Beijiang Thick-lipped Barb(Acrossocheilus beijiangensis
Little Egret (Egretta garzetta)

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