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Lantau - The Gem of Nature

Lantau, the largest island in Hong Kong, with an area of 14,400 hectares, is in southwestern Hong Kong. Over 70% of its land is still undeveloped and contains rich biodiversity. More than 190 butterfly species, 60 dragonfly species, 30 reptiles and a dozen amphibians can be found there.

“Lantau - The Gem of Nature” was launched in 2013. Several exhibitions have been held at the Hong Kong International Airport for worldwide visitors to explore the green side of the bustling and modern metropolitan of Hong Kong.

Exhibition in 2017
Exhibition in 2018

The programme also includes nature tours, in-school talks, production of teaching materials and publication of The Gem of Lantau's Nature and Gems of Lantau, all inviting the people of Hong Kong to discover the beauty of Lantau Island.

Free copy of “The Gem of Lantau's Nature” and “Gems of Lantau” are available to the public. Please click on the above links for more details.

Exhibition in 2018

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