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Dr. Nature On-The-Go

The smart cunning owl, energetic frog, hardworking pangolin… They are all good friends of Dr. Nature. Yet, due to urbanisation and pollution in the countryside, the survival of these small animals is threatened. Dr. Nature goes into kindergartens to join children on a journey to save these animal friends.

"Dr. Nature On-The-Go" targets kindergarteners. Through storytelling and interactive games, children can learn about nature and join together to protect nature and small animals. Over 42 school visit activities have been held, since the commencement of the programme in 2015.

The programme includes "I am Dr. Nature Jr." pledge actions, colouring and drawing competitions, as well as publication of several educational story books and education kit. Around 20,000 kindergarten students have participated in the programme.

 Watch “Dr Nature” Animation now

"Dr. Nature in the Big Big World" Big Story Book
"We are the Nature Rescue Team!" Big Story Book
"The Animal Adventures with Dr. Nature" Big Story Book
"Dr. Nature: Who Stole my Glasses?" 3D Big Book
"Dr. Nature Loves Nature” Education Kit (For teacher use)


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