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ECF “Blue Sky x STEM” Challenge

Join hands to achieve the “Clean Air Plan for Hong Kong 2035”

Clean air is what we cannot live without. However, air pollution is haunting us as modern society develops, with the extensive use of fossil fuels and large-scale industrial production processes that emit lots of air pollutants into our atmosphere. These air pollutants turn the sky grey and threaten the environment and human health.

Each of us, including primary school pupils, can contribute to restore our blue sky. Yet, air pollutants cannot be easily seen or touched, which makes it difficult for students to master the issue.

“STEM” is a teaching method that best facilitates the turning of abstract environmental issues into concrete. Students have to design their experiment, observe experimental changes, and finally record and analyze their results. Through these processes, students learn first-hand about air pollution.

ECF “Blue Sky x STEM” Challenge targets primary school pupils. Interactive learning activities for students are specially designed. These activities address the importance of “learning with fun”. They help students to link up air pollution with our daily life and understand the urgency of the issue.

Teacher’s resource package is also prepared and online training workshops for teachers are organized. A territory-wide primary school campaign – “Blue Sky x STEM” Competition – is held to encourage students to design their own “Clean Air Plan for School” and take action to restore our blue sky!

  • “Blue Sky x STEM” competition (Activity in progress)
  • Online training workshops for teachers (Activity has ended)
  • “Blue Sky x STEM” teacher’s resource package (All primary schools are eligible to get the package for free. Please click here to get a set of complimentary copy)

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