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5-minute Shower Challenge

“Cut Carbon with Short Showers”! By setting a simple 5-minute shower as a goal, the 5-minute Shower Challenge mobilises the whole city to help reduce 78,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

Hong Kong’s average household per capita domestic fresh water consumption exceeds the global average by 20%. Domestic fresh water consumption accounts for the greatest overall water consumption in Hong Kong, with showers accounting for the largest use. It takes electricity to treat both fresh water and sewage. Hong Kong people produce over 1,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide through water consumption every day.

“5-mintue Shower Challenge” started in 2011. It was the first annual territory-wide large-scale activity for saving water and cutting carbon dioxide. It invites all people in Hong Kong to participate in saving water and cutting carbon as a way to combat global warming.

The ambassador of this activity, Ivana Wong, single-handedly created the 5-minute “Shower Song”, including its melody, lyrics and performance. The music video, directed by Fire Lee, was a hit across the city. It called for the general public to take part in the “5-minute Shower Challenge”.

The “5-minute Shower Challenge” includes: 21-day 5-Minute Shower Big Challenge, “5-Minute Shower Challenge” Pledge, Smart Water Use Challenge, organising talks in schools, setting up booths in the streets of the community, creating teaching materials for smart water use (primary schools) and launching the “5-Minute Shower Challenge” mobile app, which has been used by over 200,000 people in Hong Kong.

I Pledge Practise “5-Minute Shower Challenge
(Each participant in the pledge can get a “Shower Hourglass” to assist in taking 5-minute showers)


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