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In collaboration with various local artists, who inject their creativity into butterfly conservation through art, the beauty of butterflies is revealed. People are led into the vibrant world of these flying gems.

BUTTERFLY x Stickyline
  • From trash to treasure, local creative group Stickyline upcycled common waste paper to a 2-metre tall 3D Golden Birdwing, which is also known as the most beautiful butterfly in Hong Kong. The “BUTTERFLY x STEM” Expo dazzled with paper butterflies ornamented by superstars, bring vibrant touches of the nature in the concrete jungle.

“Butterfly x Street Art” x Six local artists and art groups
  • Illustrator Ah Leung, artist Stanley Yung, visual artist Violet Shum, handcrafter La Belle Époque, art group Art Dreamer and &dear – joined hands and mobilised the community to join together to transform streets of Wan Chai and Causeway Bay into a “Butterfly Garden”. A multitude of vivid butterfly images were featured in wall paintings, staircase paintings, yarn bombing and installation art.

“Junk Wood.Upcycling Butterfly.Beautiful Metamorphosis” x Sculpture Artist Mr. Wong Tin Yan
  • Through upcycling junk wood to create large butterfly and caterpillar artworks, the artist showcased the beautiful process of metamorphosis. Butterfly caterpillars are none too attractive in most people's eyes, and are often neglected like discarded wood. Yet, they will amaze you after turning into pupae, and then emerging from them! Junk wood may also become a highly cherished artwork in an artist's hands.

“Three Thousand Vivid Glass Butterflies Glittering in the City” x Glass artist Mr. Wong Kwok Chung
  • 3,714 glass butterfly artworks were created from waste glass. Every single glass butterfly was handmade and unique. After the exhibition, “Bring Me Home” participants took the glass butterflies home, thus spreading the message of butterfly care all around the city.

BUTTERFLY x Chocolate Rain
  • Prudence Mak, a well-known local designer and the Creative Director of “Chocolate Rain”, transformed the brand’s icon, Fatina, into a butterfly flying across Hong Kong – the "Butterfly Heaven", to promote local butterfly conservation. Citizens joined Fatina to explore the six butterfly watching routes, and together create a butterfly map of Hong Kong.


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