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Green School Network

We believe education is the ultimate means of transforming our thinking and behavior, and we have always been dedicated to environmental education. We established Hong Kong's first "Green School Network" in 2001 that strengthens our connection with schools, and serves as a platform for communication with school members. We can learn more about the needs of schools, and provide the most appropriate support. Currently, more than 60% of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens are members of the Green School Network.

Each year, we produce a wide range of interdisciplinary environmental education materials and workshops. By adopting the train-the-trainer approach, through training teachers, we introduce environmental protection knowledge to the next generation.

Membership Obligations
  1. To strengthen communication between Green Power and members of Green School Network.
  2. Raise environmental awareness among students.
  3. Work together to promote and develop environmental education.
  4. Encourage students to participate in environmental activities.
  5. Encourage students to be aware of environmental issues and policy.
  6. To ensure Green Power's information and publications would be delivered to member school accurately, please update data whenever there are changes.
Membership Benefits
  1. Receive updated news and information of Green Power.
  2. Enjoy priority to participate in environmental activities organized by Green Power.
  3. Enjoy special discount on our green products and publications.
  4. Enjoy special discount when renting exhibition boards and environmental tools.
  5. Receive free complimentary copies of books, environmental education kits and CD-ROM.
  1. Applicant should be a registered secondary, primary, kindergarten or nursery under the Education Bureau.
  2. Applications will not be accepted for those non-eligible schools or those with missing or unclear information.
  3. Confirmation letters will be sent to Representative(s) by email within two weeks upon receiving the application. If you do not receive the confirmation notice on time, please contact Green Power.
  4. No membership fee is needed for "Green School Network". The membership is permanent.
  5. Green Power reserves the right to revise the above regulations without further notice.
  6. Green Power will send the educational publications and news to the representative(s) directly.
  7. "Green School Network" membership will be revoked, should a member make any acts that is damaging to Green Power’s reputation.
  8. "Green School Network" members cannot apply for any funding or participate in any activity on behalf of Green Power.
  9. Green Power is a non-profit making organization and has obtained charitable status under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance, Registration number is 91/3280.

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