Mobile Environmental Resource Centre

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) vehicle.
Visiting schools, housing estates and Shopping centres.
For update information on Mobile Environmental Resource Centre visits, please refer to EPD website.
Free in charge with chances to win green souvenirs.


 Elective activities

Driving through a miniature green city with remote-controlled model cars.
Kid is playing 'Energy Saving' video game.

Weather Checker  

Green Cleaner  

Good Use of Recycling Bins  

 Valuable Waste  

Green Cooking  

 Energy Saving Tips  

 Walking Out of  Carbon  

 Carbon Busters  

Green Fashion


Special Handcraft Making Workshop: conducted exclusively at Easter, Christmas and Lunar New Year.



Learn to collect basic weather information with the equipment, e.g. temperature, humidity and wind speed.
Learn the separation of wastes and recycling.
Learn to select food ingredients and cook them in a green way.
Understand electricity supply and energy saving in Hong Kong.
Reduce personal carbon emission by promoting "walking".
Practice green life by matching clothes.