Important Notice

Event Enquiry: 3961-0200 (Office hour: Monday to Friday 9:30am – 6:00pm)
Trip Record Hotline: 3961-0217 (Participants can call to file records before and after their trips)

Police Hotline: 2527 7177 / 999 (Emergency)
Fire Control Centre: 2720 0777
International Emergency Call (In case of having no network coverage or phone connection):112

  • If feeling unwell during the event, participant should pause and take a rest; in case of emergency, dial 999 to contact the police immediately.
  • Note the distance posts along the route, so that you can tell the number of the nearest distance post in order to help to locate you in the event of emergency.
  • International distress signals: Send out 6 long signals in a minute; pause for one minute and repeat the signal until rescuers come. Forms of signal: (i) Blow a whistle (ii) Flash with a torch at night (iii) Reflect light with a mirror or metal object (iv) Wave clothes in vivid colours
  • In case of hill fire, never attempt to put out the fire. Stay calm. Do not go uphill or enter woodland or grassland. Escape to thoroughly burnt areas and choose an easy path. Cover exposed parts of your body with clothes to prevent burnt. Call 2720 0777 immediately to report hill fire.
  • Do not move or apply first aid to an injured person before you are sure of his/her condition.
Be Considerate and Give Way to Others
  • Give way to participants who walk faster than you.
  • Participants who walk fast should watch out for the safety of others. Do not rush.
  • There will be other hikers on the day of the event. Keep the rule "upwards on the left and downwards on the right" in mind, and give way to other hikers as appropriate.
Help Each Other
  • If you find any participants in need of assistance or in danger, offer your help under a safe condition and call the organiser or the police.
Leave No Trace
  • Please sort the wastes into the litter bins, as well as various recycling bins placed along the trail and end points.
  • The most ideal way: Take your litter home.
Keep Quiet
  • The event route covers several country parks. Lower your voice so that all can enjoy a quiet countryside.
  • The event route passes several villages. Keep quiet to minimize disturbance to villager.
Do Not Smoke
  • Do not smoke within the countryside area.
For the public's health, participants must follow the Prevention and Control of Disease (Prohibition on Group Gathering) Regulation, Cap.599G and Prevention and Control of Disease (Wearing of Mask) Regulation, Cap. 599I, while keeping a safe distance in the event.