Instruction on using TRAILME Mobile App

Participants of Virtual Hike should track their hike by using the mobile app TRAILME.

Download App

The TRAILME mobile app can be downloaded via the link below.

Instruction on Using the App

Download PDF Version

  1. Open the app, click "SIGN UP" to register an account.
  2. Fill in the information. Please be reminded:
    • to fill in the email address provided when signing up for the event, otherwise, your results cannot be recorded.
    • to fill in a password containing no less than 8 characters, and including at least 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase and 1 numeric.

  1. You will receive a confirmation email from TRAILME. Follow the instructions in the email and “ACTIVATE” your account.
  2. Login TRAILME account, click "SETTINGS” → “User Settings", fill in and reconfirm the information, and click "SAVE".

  1. Login and select "Green Power Hike Virtual 2023" on the list of the UPCOMING EVENTS.

  1. According to the competition format you signed up for, select the eligible distance.

    50km / 25km / 10km One Go: Green Beat Hike / Green Leisure Hike / Cup
    Hong Kong Trail Section 1 to 8: Green Leisure Hike / Cup
    Hong Kong Trail Section 1 to 8(Reverse Hike): Green Leisure Hike / Cup

  1. Carefully read the distance information, click "REGISTER" to confirm your selected distance.

*If the registration is unsuccessful, please check that:

  • whether your TRAILME account is logged in with the email address you provided during event registration.
  • whether the competition format you signed up for is eligible to participate in your selected distance of courses.
  • your registration qualification of the courses will only be approved 7 days after the date of your event registration.

  1. Click "CONFIRM" to confirm your registration. Fill in and reconfirm the information, and click "SAVE".
  1. DONE! You will be issued a TRAILME BIB# virtual number bib for this registration. You can press "READY TO RACE" to start your hike at any time (officially starting on January 16), or press "" / "RACE LATER" to return to the homepage.

    *For each distance you select and register, you will be issued a TRAILME BIB# . If you choose to hike for more than one distance or repeat a certain distance for multiple times, you need to register for each hike. For each distance you register, you will be issued a new TRAILME BIB#.

    For example:
    If you planned to start your hiking on Hong Kong Trail Section 1, 2 and 3, you have to register for the three sections respectively and you will be issued three different TRAILME BIB#.

  1. Confirm the following phone settings
    • Turn ON Bluetooth
    • Turn ON Mobile Data
    • Turn ON Location Service / GPS
    • Turn OFF "Battery Saving Mode"
    • Turn OFF "Do Not Disturb Mode"

*Please make sure your phone has sufficient power.

Click here to view the setting methods of different mobile phone brands.

  1. Arrive at the start point
    • Open TRAILME app
    • Login and select your registered course at "MY RACES"

  1. Following the instruction, you can select

Click "READY TO RACE" before you start the hike. During the process, you can press "CHECK MY PHONE SETTINGS" to check again your phone settings to make sure everything is ready.

  1. TRAILME will automatically check your location! Please make sure you are at the start point. Once your position is detected, TRAILME will pop up the "GO" option and you can start your hike by pressing "GO".

Finish the challenge

TRAILME will automatically record and display the completion time.

Withdrawal during the hike

If you need to withdraw from the hike during the activity day, please remember to press "GIVE UP" on the top right of the map to alert the organiser in order to ensure the safety of all participants in their hike.

Green Leisure Hike and Cup participants must press "GIVE UP" button if they need to end their hike in the middle of the route, so that the organiser can record the distance completed. Leaving the hike without pressing "GIVE UP" may result in the completed distance not being recorded.

How to "livetrack" the hikers
You can invite your friends and family to track your hiking progress!

Share the following information to your friends and family:

  • Your hiking date and time
  • Your participant ID given by Green Power OR your TRAILME BIB#
  • Instructions of using TRAILME "Livetracking" function

*Your friends and family should download TRAILME app and sign up for an account in order to use the “Livetracking” function.

  1. Start the app and click "LIVE" to select the course
  2. After entering the route details, click "Ranking" on the top right of the map. Use the search function to search by name, participant ID or TRAILME BIB#.

  1. Once you see your friends and family on the list, turn on the "Livetracking" function of that hiker.

* You can track more than one hiker at the same time

1. What should I do if I want to complete two courses of different distance on the same day, such as Section 1 and 2 of the Hong Kong Trail?

You need to register for the courses of both Section 1 and 2 of the Hong Kong Trail in the TRAILME app. After starting and completing Section 1, you must go over the start process again at the start point of Section 2 ().

2. If the mobile signal is unstable in the middle of the course, will it affect the result tracking?

Temporary signal instability will slightly affect the data upload, but will not affect the overall result tracking.

3. If the mobile loses power during the hike, will the records be lost?

During the period when the mobile is off powered, no tracking record can be obtained. However, the records tracked before shutdown will be saved.

4. If I press "GIVE UP" in the middle of the hike, can I start my next hike again at where I gave up?

No. Participant should register for the course again and start the hike at the start point.

5. What should I do if my TRAILME app does not stop when I arrive at the finish point?

Please record your finish time with any proof and send to our email

6. Are there any signages and road signs showing me where are the start and finish points?

The organiser will not place any signages and road signs at the start and finish points. You can check the participant guidebook (to be uploaded later) for locations and photos of each start and finish points.

7. If I have any other questions about the use of TRAILME, who can I ask for assistance?

For any enquiries regarding the enrollment status and event details:
You can contact Green Power via email ( or by phone at 39610200.

For any enquiries regarding the use of TRAILME app:
You can contact TRAILME team via email ( or by whatsapp at +852 63978859.