Green Power’s Eco-friendly Measures

Throughout the planning of Green Power Hike, we undertake a green approach to minimise the impact of the event on the environment.

Leave No Trace
Compile Leave No Trace to let participants learn about and practice green hiking. Walk in nature with a sincere heart.
Explore Nature
Compile The Ecology of Hong Kong Trail to allow participants to appreciate the spectacular nature landscape and explore interesting wildlife ecology.
Reduce Paper Use
Set up an online system for enrolment and donations. Release information through electronic communications, including e-confirmation letter and e-handbook for participants, update of latest information through email, etc.
Green Options
Offer green options for participants, for example, participants can choose whether to ask for an event souvenir.
Material Recycling
Banners and trail markers are made with durable materials and are reused every year. Award medals and trophies are made from waste wood, too.
Eco-Friendly Printing
We print only a small amount of publications and use FSC-certified & Totally Chlorine Free (TCF) paper with soybean oil ink. We aim to minimise the environmental burden of our event.
Reduce Use of Plastic Bottles
No bottled drinks are distributed. Participants have to fill water and energy drinks at the stations, using their own water bottles.
No Paper Cups
Substitute with reusable plastic cups.
Waste Recycling
Waste recycling facilities (including food waste) are set up at checkpoints and the finishing point, to encourage waste classification and recycling.
The event has become a "virtual hike" due to pandemic. We will continue to promote the principle of "Leave No Trace". Participants can receive a small gift by adopting the Organizer’s "Leave No Trace" suggestions and uploading photos to share their achievement.
Reduce Paper Use
We will issue certificates and donation receipts through email instead of postage, to reduce printing and paper use.
Trail Restoration
More people visiting countryside result in greater wear and tear on mountain trails. To encourage more people, especially hikers, to conserve the environment, we recruit volunteers to help with restoration of Hong Kong Trail every year.