1. Which distance suits me better?

Three distances, 50km, 25km and 10km, are available for Individual/ Team/ Family Team to choose from. The distance of 50km and 25km are longer, requiring more physical strength; while the distance of 10km is more suitable for beginners. Hong Kong Trail comprises of both concrete-paved and dirt trails, and some sections have steep up and down slopes. Participants are advised to choose the most suitable routes and finish the distance in sections, according to their experience and physical fitness. For more details, please refer to Routes.
For Cup, there is no distance requirement.

2. What is the difference between Team and Family Team? Which category is suitable for me and my young children?

No. of members per team: Team: 3-4; Family Team: 2-4
Minimum donation: Team takes individual as a unit whereas Family Team takes the whole team as a unit
Result: For Team, each member has individual account to record result, whereas each Family Team only has one team account
Age limit: All members in a Team must be aged 18 or above, whereas Family Team must have at least one member aged under 18 and one member aged 18 or above.
If you plan to hike with your young children, you might enroll in Family Team.

3. How can I confirm whether my application is successful or not?
  • Individual applicants, team leaders of Team or Family Team will immediately receive a confirmation email (includes account information) after successfully submitting personal information during sign-up and donating online.
  • Invited members of Team will also immediately receive a confirmation email (includes account information) after successfully submitting personal information during sign-up. Team leaders can find the names of registered teammates in the team list.
  • Cup contact person will immediately receive a confirmation email (includes account information) after successfully submitting personal information. Please submit a donation cheque by mail or in-person to Green Power within 14 days.

4. How can I record the hiking session?
  • Participants can take record of each hiking session using any fitness-tracking App, e.g. Strava, Garmin, Trailwatch etc.
  • The record must include Route Map, Date and Time
  • Please make sure the device (e.g. smart phone, sports watch) has enough battery to support recording the full distance

5. What kind of information is required to upload for registering the hiking session?

(1) Screen capture of the hiking session using any fitness-tracking App
(2) Two photos of any two Distance Posts along the route
- Participants can also upload photos of “Leave-No-Trace”

6. Any route limit?

Yes. All routes must be on the Hong Kong Trail. Participants can decide the section and distance of their own routes according to one’s ability. Please refer to Route and Difficulty for further details.

7. Any limit on the number of uploads?

No. Participants can complete the target distance in more than one session, and upload the records accordingly.

8. For different sessions, can the same route be repeated?


9. Will the Organiser purchase insurance for the event and participants?

Due to the nature of the event, participants are responsible for their own risks and liabilities during the event. Participants are advised to purchase accident / casualty insurance and property insurance on their own if necessary.

10. When will the Cup result be announced?

All Cup results will be announced on the website of Green Power Hike and that of the Virtual Hike on 14 March 2022.

11. How should I prepare for the Green Power Hike?

We recommend participants to plan the route well before starting out. For those with less experience, please be advised to avoid hiking at night or routes of high-level difficulty. Participants should train their body strength, as well as endurance in accordance to their health condition. Participants should prepare suitable equipment before the event (including clothes, food and drink), and read the information about emergency response and injury relief. For details, please refer to Event Preparation.

12. Can I continue to raise money after submitting the minimum donation?

Yes. Participants are welcomed to submit extra donation online through the page Donation. You may also invite friends and families to support and donate for the event. In addition, three Individual/ Team/ Family Team participants with the highest cumulative donation will receive the “Green Charity Award”. For details, please refer to the Souvenir and Prize.

13. Will I receive a tax-deductible receipt for my donation?

Tax-deductible receipts will only be issued to those upon request, with donations of HK$100 or over. Please fill in the sponsorship form and check in the “Receipts” column if tax-deductible receipts are needed.

14. How can I collect the souvenirs and prizes?

For details of souvenir and prize collection, please refer to the email of the notice of souvenir and prize collection (to be sent out on 30 March 2022).