Route & Difficulty

Distance posts are erected along Hong Kong Trail at every 500m, from numbers H001 to H100. These numbered posts can help to identify your location. There are two types of wooden signs: the large ones indicate road crossings, destinations of different directions, distances and estimated walking time. The small sign is carved "dual hikers" to show the directions.

Wooden Signs

Distance Posts

Route & Difficulty
Section Route / Name Difficulty Distance (km) Estimated Time
1 The Peak – Pok Fu Lam Reservoir Road ** 7.0 2 hours
2 Pok Fu Lam Reservoir Road – Peel Rise ** 4.5 1.5 hours
3 Peel Rise – Wan Chai Gap ** 6.5 1 hour 45 minutes
4 Wan Chai Gap – Wong Nai Chung Gap 7.5 2 hours
5 Wong Nai Chung Gap – Mount Parker Road *** 4.0 1.5 hours
6 Mount Parker Road – Tai Tam Road 4.5 1.5 hours
7 Tai Tam Road – To Tei Wan 7.5 2 hours
8 To Tei Wan –Big Wave Bay *** 8.5 2 hours 45 minutes
Suggested Route

The activity has three different classes: 50km, 25km and 10km. Participants can pick one and complete it by taking their own customized trips along Hong Kong Trail. You can complete it in a single or multiple times according to your own plans and body fitness. The starting and end points of the following suggested routes can be accessed with public transport.

Starting points End points Section Distance
50 km
Route 1 The Peak Big Wave Bay 1 to 8 50 km
25 km
Route 1 The Peak Wong Nai Chung Gap 1 to 4 25.5 km
Route 2 Wong Nai Chung Gap Big Wave Bay 5 to 8 24.5 km
Route 3 Peel Rise Tai Tam Road 3 to 6 22.5 km
10 km
Route 1 The Peak Peel Rise 1 to 2 11.5 km
Route 2 Wan Chai Gap Mount Parker Road 4 to 5 11.5 km
Route 3 Mount Parker Road To Tei Wan 6 to 7 12 km
Route 4 To Tei Wan Big Wave Bay 8 8.5 km
  • The Hong Kong Trail is a popular hiking trail in Hong Kong. Along the trail are information boards and distance posts set up by The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department for hikers.
  • There are water filling stations along the Hong Kong Trail, as well as kiosks selling supplements. Please click supply facilities for more details.
  • Please follow the designated route of The Hong Kong Trail, and do not take any detours or shortcuts.
  • For safety reasons, participants should avoid hiking alone. It is recommended to complete your trips two hours before sunset.
Sub-sections of the Hong Kong Trail