Introduction to Green Power Hike

Since 1994, Green Power Hike greets an average of 3,000 participants on the Hong Kong Trail every January or February. Over the years, the annual event has accumulated over 68,000 hikers to hike for a green future.

We are dedicated to the promotion of nature appreciation by hands-on hiking experience. Green Power Hike participants are encouraged to explore the ecology of Hong Kong Trail, as well as to put the “Leave-No-Trace” concept into practice.

We undertake a green approach throughout the planning of the Hike. Starting from the preparation period, we reduce and reuse materials as much as possible. During the event day, no disposable cups or bottles will be distributed. Collection bins are set up for sorting recyclables and fruit peels. Do not miss out the “Eco Clean Up” action on the event day, and the “Restoring Hiking Trail” action.

The fund raised will be contributed to the environmental and preservation works of Green Power. Click here to learn more.