Environment and Conservation Fund: Minimalistic Dining

Taste with Your Heart, Cherish with Each Bite; Readjust Towards a Low-Carbon Lifestyle Starting from Your Dining Table!

Hong Kong is renowned as a "food paradise". It offers an array of culinary delights using ingredients from all over the world. However, behind this food paradise lies a significant issue of food waste. Hong Kong residents discard over 3,000 metric tons of food waste daily, and nearly 70% of it originates from households. The per capita household food waste in Hong Kong is also 50% higher than the world average.

As our lives have become relatively prosperous for us to "eat to live and live to eat", it's time to rethink our food habits and reflect on the impact to our planet from each bite we take. When we start to "think before we eat", we are not only learning to cherish food but also lessening our carbon footprint from production, transport, processing, and waste.

Today, let's end waste, starting from our dining table. By abandoning bad habits, reducing reliance, and readjusting to low-carbon dining attitudes, we can contribute to the sustainability of our planet, yet still derive satisfaction from every bite we eat.

"21-Day Minimalistic Dining" Challenge

Through five key aspects – "reducing food waste", "cooking methods", "ingredient selection", "expired food" and "plating", we offer citizens an action list to cultivate habits and establish a model of "minimalist and low-carbon dining" through sustained action for 21 days.

  • <span style="color:#4baea0;"><i>Happening in the academic year 2023–2024. <b>Registration is now open</b> for all secondary and primary schools in Hong Kong. We welcome all interested schools to contact us</i></span>
  • <span style="color:#4baea0;"><i>The program will commence in March 2024 for the general public. Please stay tuned for further details on this webpage</i></span>

"Minimalistic Dining" Short Videos

  • <span style="color:#4baea0;"><i>Coming soon in March 2024</i></span>

Mobile Community Kitchen

  • <span style="color:#4baea0;"><i>Open to housing estates, community groups, and secondary schools for reservation</i></span>
  • <span style="color:#4baea0;"><i><b>Reservations for secondary schools</b> are now open. We welcome all interested schools to contact us. For housing estates and community groups, reservations will be open from April 2024. Please stay tuned for further details on this webpage</i></span>

In-School Seminars

  • <span style="color:#4baea0;"><i>ongoing</i></span>

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