Project Concept
Evaluate the effectiveness of cash reward on recycling, advocate innovative recycling policies and promote Producer Responsibility Scheme.
Give credit to frontline recycling workers in the informal sector (such as ragpickers and cleaners), to support these grassroots and marginalised workers.
Support and strengthen existing local recycling chains (consisting of frontline workers, recycling shops/trucks and exporters/recycling factories).
Turn drink cartons into regular recycling items, to alleviate Hong Kong’s waste problem.
Project Period:
1 July 2020 – 30 June 2021

Public / Restaurants / Shops

Give drink cartons to frontline recycling workers for free, to support the marginalised community.

Frontline Recycling Workers

Frontline recycling workers, including ragpickers and cleaners, give drink cartons to recycling shops/trucks and earn $0.05 per carton ($3.3/kg).

Recycling Shops / Trucks

  • Collect drink cartons for $0.05 per carton ($3.3/kg).
  • Give drink cartons to recycling exporters and earn $0.07 per carton ($4.6/kg).


  • Collect drink cartons for $0.07 per carton ($4.6/kg).
  • Give drink cartons to local recycling factory and earn $0.08 per carton ($5.3/kg).

Local Recycling Factory

The collected drink cartons are recycled at Mil Mill, and made into pulp for export.
Public / Community

Support frontline workers (e.g. ragpickers and cleaners)

Send drink cartons to Collaborative Collection Points – they will give the collected cartons to frontline workers; Give drink cartons to frontline workers for free.

Collaborative Collection Points


Support the project

Give drink cartons to participating recycling shops / trucks and earn HK$0.05 per carton (HK$3.3/kg).

Recycling shops / trucks


Join us

Our volunteers will help promote recycling work and monitor whether frontline workers are getting their share of the cash reward.

(to be announced later)

Recycling Industry
Participating List
button1Recycling shops/trucks button2Exporters
We invite the recycling sector to join us!
Please contact Green Power for more details.
(Phone: 5744 3003 (whatsapp) / 3961 0200)

Restaurants / Shops / Other Organisations
(In alphabetic order)
The following list will be updated continuously

We invite restaurants / shops / other organisations to join us!
Please contact Green Power for more details.
(Phone: 5744 3003 (whatsapp) / 3961 0200)

Experience Sharing
Seminar - Utilizing Recycling Network on Drink Carton Recycling
(to be announced later)
Evaluation Report on Network of Recycling Industry
(to be announced later)
Research Report on Producer Responsibility on Drink Carton Packages
(to be announced later)
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Funded by the Recycling Fund
Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this event do not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or the Advisory Committee on Recycling Fund.
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