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Butterfly Surveyor

Let’s Explore Hong Kong Butterflies Together

Though tiny, Hong Kong has more than 260 species of butterflies, which is a tenth of all butterfly species in China, and as a result has been called a “butterfly heaven”. Around 40% of Hong Kong’s land area is designated as country parks, and so protected by law. However, many prime butterfly areas still lack adequate protection.

Established in 2008, “Butterfly Surveyor*” is the first Butterfly Surveyor group comprising members of the public. The group specialises in collecting data on butterfly species and ecological data. Each year, “Butterfly Surveyor “recruits general public as new members, after they completed trainings and assessments, they will become qualified “Butterfly Surveyor”. Until 2018, “Butterfly Surveyor” has 322 qualified members, who have been monitoring regularly at designated sites: San Tau – Lantau Island, Luk Keng – North District, Wu Kau Tang – Tai Po, Lam Tsuen – Tai Po (She Shan and Ng Tung Chai), Yuen Tun Ha – Tai Po, Sha Tau Kok, Sham Chung and Yung Shue O – Sai Kung, Pak Sha O and Lai Chi Chong – Sai Kung, Mui Wo – Lautau Island, Ho Sheung Heung / Long Valley / Lok Ma Chau , Tai Lam Country Park (Kam Tin) and Lung Kwu Tan - Tuen Mun.

Butterfly Surveyors are recruited annually in Febuary, please refer to We love Butterflies Net for further details.

All theory lessons and the assessment of Butterfly Surveyor 2019 have successfully completed. Qualified butterfly surveyors will receive an email about the details of the outdoor trainings and route training. The first outdoor training will be held on 28 April (Sun). Qualified butterfly surveyors please contact 3961 0200 before 24 April (Wed) 12:00 noon if you haven’t received the confirmation email.

Butterfly Surveyor 2019 Log In
List of Qualified Butterfly Surveyors 2019
Duties of Surveyors

Record the species of local butterflies

Expand our Hong Kong butterfly inventory

Explore more local butterfly hotspots

Training & Survey Details

Step One: Lesson Training
(2 lessons)
Date:30 March 2019 (Sat) & 6 Apr 2019 (Sat)
Venue:Yaumati Catholic Primary School (Hoi Wang Road) – School Hall

  • Introduction to “Butterfly Surveyor 2019” scheme
  • Basic Butterfly ecology and identification techniques
    (Participants are required to attend all theory lessons)

Step Two: Assessment
Date:13 Apr 2019 (Sat)
Time:14:00-15:15 OR 15:45-17:00 (Participants are only required to join either session)
Venue:Yaumati Catholic Primary School (Hoi Wang Road) – Classroom

  • To assess students’ understanding of the lesson content

  • The assessment will be in the form of multiple-choice questions
  • Members of Family and Group Category will be assessed individually
  • The leader can decide whether he / she joins the assessment or not, but he/ she must accompany the team members during all training sessions and surveys
  • Participants whose have passed the assessment of this project in previous year are not required to attend Lesson Training and Assessment

Complete the indoor training and pass the assessment, become qualified Butterfly Surveyor

Step Three: Outdoor Training
(2 sessions)
  • Practical exercises on identification and survey techniques in butterfly hotspots
  • Participants whose have passed the assessment of this project in previous year are not required to attend the Outdoor Traning

Outdoor Training (I)

Date:28 Apr 2019 (Sun)
Venue & Time:Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden (09:15-13:15)

Outdoor Training (II)

Date:5 May 2019 (Sun)
Venue & Time:Shing Mun Country Park (09:00-13:00)

Step Four: Route Training
(1 session)
  • Practical exercises on identification and survey techniques in designated butterfly survey site
  • Participants are only required to join the session of their own survey site. (The survey site of each participant will be announced after assessment)

Route Training

Date:19 May 2019 (Sun)*
Venue & Time:
  • Sha Tau Kok (09:00-14:00)
  • Pak Sha O and Lai Chi Chong (09:00-14:15)
  • Sham Chung and Yung Shue O (09:00-14:30)
  • Luk Keng and Kuk Po (09:00-15:00)

Date:26 May 2019 (Sun)*
Venue & Time:
  • Lung Kwu Tan (09:00-14:00)
  • Yuen Tun Ha and Ta Tit Yan (09:00-14:00)
  • Wu Kau Tang (09:00-15:00)

Date:2 Jun 2019 (Sun)*
Venue & Time:
  • San Tau (09:00-14:00)
  • Mui Wo (10:00-14:00)
  • Tai Lam Country Park (Kam Tin ) (09:00-15:30)
  • Shui Hau and Tong Fuk (09:00-14:00)

After completing the outdoor training, participants will commence butterfly surveys of this year.

Details of the Surveys
Dates From June to October 2019 (Excluding the Route Training)
  • San Tau - Lantau Island(★)
  • Mui Wo - Lautau Island(★)
  • Lung Kwu Tan - Tune Mun(★)
  • Sha Tau Kok(★)
  • Luk Keng - North District(★★)
  • Wu Kau Tang - Tai Po(★★)
  • Yuen Tun Ha - Tai Po(★★)
  • Sham Chung and Yung Shue O - Sai Kung(★★)
  • Pak Sha O and Lai Chi Chong - Sai Kung(★★)
  • Tai Lam Country Park (Kam Tin )(★★★)
  • Shui Hau and Tong Fuk(★)

Average difficulties(depends on route length, slope and road situation):★ means the easiest;★★★ means the most difficult
Survey Method
  • In every single survey, each group must have at least 3 qualified butterfly surveyors to conduct butterfly survey at their according site.
No. of times
  • Butterfly Surveyors will visit the sites in groups* at least once a month in any three months within June to October 2019 , and record the species of butterflies along the designated routes
  • Maps and record sheets will be provided
  • Each survey must be accompanied by at least one leader, who aged 18 or above.
  • Certificates will be awarded to Butterfly Surveyors who have completed 3 or above Butterfly Survey.
#Individual participants will be arranged to form groups of 3 to 6 people. Please state clearly on the enrolment form if you would like to be in the same group with Qualified Butterfly Surveyor Friends. For details, please refer to the enrolment form.

Awards Scheme

In recognition of the dedicated contribution of Butterfly Surveyors, Gold, Silver and Bronze level certificates will be awarded to Butterfly Surveyors based on their number of years of participation.



Years of Participation*

5 years
3 years
2 years
*Counted upon successful completion of survey tasks within the participating years


Tel: 3961 0200
Email: butterfly@greenpower.org.hk

Contact Us

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2314 2661 (F)



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