Let’s protect Hong Kong’s butterflies together 

Tiny but mighty, Hong Kong houses more than 260 species of butterflies, which is a tenth of all butterfly species in China. Around 40% of land in Hong Kong is designated as country parks that is protected by law. However, many prime butterfly areas in the "Butterfly Paradise" are yet to be properly protected.

Established in 2008, “Butterfly Surveyor” is the first Butterfly Surveyor group in Hong Kong that comprises members of the public from diverse sectors. Providing long-term substantial human resources for butterfly survey, the group takes regular visits to various local butterfly hotspots. After sessions of extensive and on-site training, surveyors are qualified as specialists in butterfly and ecological data collection.

Through conducting butterfly surveys, we aim at expanding the local butterfly inventory, identifying more unprotected butterfly hotspots, and monitoring the dynamic relations between local butterfly species and environmental changes.

All the survey data is uploaded to Hong Kong Butterfly Inventory, and members of the public can join hands to monitor conditions of the butterfly hotspots.

The programme opens to general public. Each year, “Butterfly Surveyor” programme recruits members of the public as new members. After the completion of trainings and assessments, they will be qualified as “Butterfly Surveyors”.

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