Tung Chung River, originating at an altitude of 880 metres, between Fung Leng and Wong Leng of Lantau Peak, flows through northern Lantau Island, and reaches the sea southwest of Tung Chung new town. It ranks third in terms of the height of river origin in Hong Kong. The main stream flows north through Pak Tin Mun, Tei Tong Tsai, Chap Mun Tau and Mok Ka, and merges with a major tributary (East Stream) at midway between Ngau Au and Wong Ka Wai, before entering Tung Chung Bay.

Lantau Peak
Fung Peak and Wong Peak

The source at Lantau Peak

The major tributary to the east of Tung Chung River converges with the main stream very near the estuary. Its basin area, length and flow volume are comparable with the main stream. Hence it is often called East Stream, while the main stream is called West Stream. East Stream originates from the west of Sunset Peak at an altitude of 815 metres, flows westwards down Sunset Peak, via north Pak Kung Au at 220 metres above sea level, and descends to the valley bottom, then flows near the west of Tung Chung Road through Shek Mun Kap and Fong Yuen before merging with the West Stream.

Tung Chung River is ringed by watersheds on Nei Lak Shan (west), Lantau Peak (south) and the northern ridge of Sunset Peak (east), with a basin area of 11.09 km2. The West Stream has a dendritic drainage pattern, with two major tributaries along Nei Lak Shan east slope at Shek Pik Au. The East Stream, on the other hand, has a rectangular drainage pattern. The river valley is narrow and most tributaries are short and enter the stream at right angle. A radial drainage pattern is formed at the top of Lantau Peak and Sunset Peak.

The lower course of Tung Chung River near the confluence.

Runoff at the river mouth of Tung Chung River

The estuary of Tung Chung River

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