Set on the Yuen Long Plain in the northwest New Territories, Shan Pui River originates from the eastern ridge of Kau Keng Shan, to the west of Tuen Mun. The headwater, at an altitude of 380m, is 1.3km to the east of Kau Keng Shan peak (at an altitude of 507m). The main stream flows northeast into Wong Nai Tun Irrigation Reservoir, and then to Yeung Ka Tsuen to the north, before entering the Yuen Long Plain, passing villages such as Wong Nai Tun Tsuen and Muk Kiu Tau Tsuen, and converging with another major tributary at Ma Tin Pok. The river continues northwards and passes Yuen Long New Town, between Wang Chau and Nam Sang Wai, and converges with Kam Tin River to the south of Lut Chau, and finally flows into Deep Bay at Tsim Bei Tsui.

The basin of the lower course of Shan Pui River is flat in the south, and flanked by gently sloping ranges on three sides: Kau Keng Shan North (west), Kau Keng Shan East (south) and Ho Hok Shan (east), which together form a pocket-like basin. The main stream of Shan Pui River stretches 14.3 km horizontally. The watershed covers about 29.2km2.

At the peak of Kau Keng Shan, where Shan Pui River originates, streams form a radial drainage pattern. Upon entering the southern part of Yuen Long Plain, the main stream converges with three major tributaries that pass Tai Shu Ha, Sheung Yau Tin Tsuen and Shan Ha Tsuen, respectively, at Ma Tin Pok and the north of Tai Kiu. The main stream and the tributaries are of similar scale, and are evenly distributed. Hence, on a map, the dendritic drainage looks like a person. There are some local rectangular drainage patterns along the upper course, such as to the north of Pak Kung Au and along Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail to the south of Nam Hang Pai, where the river follows eroded faults and joints.


The main stream of Shan Pui River flows from Kau Keng Shan into Wong Nai Tun Irrigation Reservoir.

Upper course at Wong Nai Tun Irrigation Reservoir

Shan Pui River enters Yuen Long Plain.

Lower course of Shan Pui River at Nam Sang Wai.

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