The lower course is the section with most abundant water flow. The width and depth of the river increase downstream, and lateral erosion creates a broader, less distinct river valley. The lower course has a flat terrain. Sediments from the river are carried to the river mouth, where they may form an estuary or a delta. The main local estuary is Deep Bay, northwest Hong Kong. A floodplain is an extensive alluvial plain flanking the river. During floods, the rivers overflow their banks, carrying sediments that are deposited to form the floodplain. In Hong Kong, the largest floodplains are at Yuen Long, Kam Tin and Sheung Shui.

River mouth (Cheung Sha Stream)

When a river cuts through a well-developed meander, and flows along a straighter channel, an arc of the meander may remain as an isolated, ox-bow lake. Natural ox-bow lakes are hard to find in Hong Kong now.

Floodplain (Kam Tin River)

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