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The Gem of Lantau's Nature

Located in southwest Hong Kong, Lantau is Hong Kong's largest Island, with a land mass of 14,400 hectares. Over 75% of Lantau Island is still left untouched with high level of biodiversity. Abundant wildlife can be found on the island, including over 190 butterfly species, over 60 dragonfly species, over 30 reptile species, and over 10 species of amphibian……

This book introduces a number of ecological hotspots and their associated ecological environments, as well as different intriguing species, for instances, that are exclusively found or being firstly discovered on Lantau Island.

No. of Pages: 138

Language: Bilingual

Printing: Full Colour

Price: Not for Sale

* Free copies of the books have been distributed to all secondary and primary schools, local community organizations on Lantau Island.
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