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Butterfly Caterpillar Kaleidoscope Booklet

Hearing someone mention "butterflies", you will surely think of beautiful adult butterflies; however, butterflies spend most of their life as caterpillars, which on closer inspection exhibit a variety of appearances and habits. As it matures, a caterpillar undergoes several rounds of moulting. With each moult, its body form, appearance and even habits vary. Butterfly Caterpillar Kaleidoscope helps people to know and appreciate the fascinating world of caterpillars.

No. of Page: 52

Language: Chinese

Printing: Full Colour

Price: Not for Sale

* Free copies of the books have been given to participants of "Living Butterfly Photo Competition" and "Butterfly Surveyor Training Scheme".
* Shell Butterfly Club members can redeem this book through the B Fun Rewards Scheme.