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"The Best Five Hong Kong Butterfly Trails" booklet

This booklet introduces the five butterfly trails that featured in The Best Hong Kong Butterfly Trail election: the Peak, Shing Mun Country Park, Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve, Kap Lung Ancient Trail and Pak Tam Chung Family Walk. The five trails differ in habitats and butterfly species. The booklet introduces scenery and rare butterfly species, and has maps, transportation information and safety notes and precautions to take along the trails. People can follow the instructions in the booklet and see beautiful butterflies.

No. of Pages: 128

Language: Chinese

Printing: Full colour

Price: Not for sale

* Free copies of the books have been given to persons who voted in The Best Hong Kong Butterfly Trail election
* Shell Butterfly Club members can redeem this book through the B Fun Rewards Scheme. [Out of stock]