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Zero Food Waste @ Campus

Food waste is the major source of municipal solid waste in Hong Kong. More than 3,300 tonnes are generated each day, comprising 40% of the total municipal solid waste in our city. Currently, Hong Kong disposes food waste in landfills. The disposal of such vast quantities of food waste not only accelerates the exhaustion of landfill space, but also involves the issues of wasting food and exacerbating carbon emissions. Such wastage is unnecessary. Food waste can be recycled into various useful resources, such as organic fertilizers and fish feed; so discarding it in landfills is in fact a waste of resources.

We installed food decomposers in schools, turning food waste into organic fertilizers, which are used for campus greening. We also teach students to reduce food wastage and hope to achieve zero food waste on campuses by reduction at the source and recycling. The programme was jointly organized by Green Power and Greeners Action.