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Tree Monitoring Programme in the Community

The project aims to mobilise residents to monitor the trees in their respective districts. There are lots of trees in urban areas of Hong Kong, but tiny growing space, unsuitable treatment, and artificial harm threaten their lives. However, the large amount of trees in urban areas poses difficulties for the government to monitor and may lead to late detection and treatment of damaged trees. Therefore the most appropriate solution is to have residents monitor their own neighbourhood’s trees.

Though general public may not have enough knowledge to recognize trees with health issues/unhealthy trees. Through successive collaboration with the District Offices of Wong Tai Sin, Sha Tin and Tuen Mun, each district’s residents learnt about tree ecology and tree health knowledge via tree learning classes, taught by garden experts and Certified Arborist. Within the activity period, more than 300 reports were collected, and trees that need treatment were immediately referred to relevant department, this exert the function of providing immediate and appropriate attention to problem trees.