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iDO LOVE TREE "Fun" Journey

Have you thought about observing trees with more than your eyes? How about also using your hands, ears and nose! We have specifically designed some "four senses" tree-observing games, so that you can use your senses of vision, hearing, smell and touch to observe and appreciate trees. It makes learning about trees a lot of fun!

We have designed a Tree Appreciation Trail that starts from Shatin Park, continues along the bank of Shing Mun River and ends at Tai Wai Playground. The Trail is 1.5 kilometres long and introduces 14 tree species that are commonly seen in urban areas in Hong Kong. You will also learn how trees and people can live together in harmony, by following the rules for tree planting in urban areas with a lot of people and traffic.

We have also published the "iDO LOVE TREE Handbook". Following the map and instructions in the book, you can visit the Tree Appreciation Trail at your own pace.