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Nam Sang Wai River Education Trail

The Nam Sang Wai River Education Trail is 5.5 km long. It starts at Castle Peak Road in Yuen Long and goes around Nam Sang Wai via the Yuen Long Bypass Floodway, the new channel of Kam Tin River and the Shan Pui River. People can see the meandering old river channel filled with plants that characterize the river. The new river channel has adopted improved new designs and is comparatively wider and retains the natural sandy riverbed, which raises its biodiversity. Mangrove trees are planted along the river banks, which attract large numbers of waterfowl to feed and rest. The River Education Trail allows people to freely walk the trail and understand the relationship between the river works and conservation of the river. This project was done in cooperation with the Drainage Service Department.

Drainage Service Department: Nam Sang Wai River Education Trail homepage