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"A River a Year" Education Programme

The entire education programme is divided into two phases. Each phase will take three years and will be conducted in the format of “a river a year”. Featured rivers include Lam Tsuen River, Kam Tin River, Tung Chung River, Shan Pui River, Shung Mun River and Tuen Mun River. The activities in the first phase will focus on the entire river, including the upper, middle and lower courses and the river mouth with full analysis of the river basin in terms of its geology, hydrology, land use, environmental threats and overall conservation. The second phase will add elements of river restoration, with the main focus on how channelised rivers can be restored to their natural function.

The focus of the activities is to emphasise inter-disciplinary learning in secondary schools, which include workshop for teachers, water monitoring training and the publication of a teacher’s guidebook.

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