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Butterfly Surveyors

Butterfly Surveyors are the first team of its kind formed by the general public. The team invests substantial human resources over the long-term to collect data on butterfly ecology. Participants must undertake a series of indoor and outdoor training sessions and assessments before becoming Butterfly Surveyors. Surveyors are responsible for visiting designated butterfly hotspots to record their species and numbers on a regular basis. All the survey data is then uploaded to Hong Kong Butterfly Net, so members of the public can monitor conditions of butterfly hotspots together.

Launched in 2008, the scheme recruits surveyors from February to May and adds a butterfly monitoring hotspot each year. There are currently 209 members and eleven butterfly monitoring hotspots including: San Tau (Tung Chung), Luk Keng (Fanling), Wu Kau Tang (Tai Po), She Shan and Ng Tung Chai (Lam Tsuen, Tai Po) , Yuen Tun Ha (Tai Po) , Yung Shue O and Sham Chung (Sai Kung) , Sha Tau Kok, Pak Sha O, Lai Chi Chong (Sai Kung), Mui Wo (Lantau Island), Ho Sheung Heung - Long Valley - Lok Ma Chau and Tai Lam Country Park (Kam Tin).

Butterfly Surveyors are recruited annually in March / April, please refer to Hong Kong Butterfly Net for further details.

In the past, there have been a number of important butterfly findings and records, including: