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"Butterfly Surveyor" Latest Butterfly Survey Results (7 Oct 2012)

Butterfly Surveyor of Shell Nature Watch - Butterfly Explorer was first launched in 2008. The first citizens group aims to collect data on local butterflies in a long-term manner. There are currently 176 qualified surveyors who have undergone training and assessments. Seven butterfly hotspots are monitored: San Tau - Lantau Island; Luk Keng - Fanling; Wu Kau Tang - Tai Po; Lam Tsuen (She Shan and Ng Tung Chai) - Tai Po; Yuen Tun Ha - Tai Po; Sham Chung and Yung Shue O - Sai Kung; and the newly added Sha Tau Kok. The work will continue through the years to compare the changes in butterfly species and the environment at various hotspots.

In 2012, the survey work started in June. The surveys found that the numbers of species across the sites are stable. In 2012, 86 species were recorded at San Tau; 99 at Luk Keng; 101 at Wu Kau Tang; 94 at Lam Tsuen; 101 at Yuen Tun Ha; 125 at Sham Chung and Yung Shue O; and 97 at Sha Tau Kok.

The 2012 survey showed that the numbers of species recorded at all sites are rising. This is to be expected, since as more and more surveyors participate, the discoveries will slightly increase. Also, the results indicate that the various sites have not been threatened by particular developments or human activities.

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