Wan Chai Environmental Resource Centre


To promote the culture of green living, cultivate the public awareness on environmental protection.
To promote environmental education, develop innovative and lively environmental educating materials and activities.
To provide public with prompt and convenient gateway for enquiry, referral and supporting service on environmental education.

Built in 1913, the centre is the former Wan Chai Post Office, which has been declared as a monument.

Since 1993, it has been co

nverted to the first environmental resource centre of the Environmental Protection Department.

Started from 1st September 2006, Green Power was responsible for the daily operation and management of the centre.
1. Interactive Learning Room  

Computers, renewable energy models and green games are available for learning various environmental knowledge.  
2. Library Databank  

Books, journals, magazines, government reports and teaching kits on environmental protection are provided for public reference.
Energy Saving Model provides tips for saving energy at home and in office.
3. Information Gallery  
Stamp exhibition named "Nature Beauty of Hong Kong on Stamps" demonstrate to visitors how stamps and nature can be perfectly combined.  
Booklets and books on different environmental topics are shown at the subject corner.  
Leaflets, booklets and posters on various environmental issues are displayed and available for the public.  
Internet browsing service is provided for searching environmental information.  
4. Environmental Garden  
Equipped with environmental-friendly models and facilities such as bench made by recycled plastic and electric bulletin board.  
Provide a place for relaxation in Wan Chai urban area to demonstrate green living.  
      Two paper pandas made from wastepaper were displayed in the environmental garden.


The centre provides free environmental education activities and loan of education kits regularly, including:
1. Guided Visits:  
Children use their hands to sense the natural tree trunk.
Children are listening story in the Environmental Garden.
"I cannot imagine if I need to drink this bottle of dirty water?" Children learn that water does no come easy by playing games.

These beautiful lanterns are made from aluminum cans!


Let’s make a panda from waste paper!


These lovely handicrafts are made from wastes.

Abracadabra! Change waste paper into seed bookmark.
The solar driven models start when the light is on.
  Through interesting activities on the theme of daily life, put the concept "Learning in the environment" and green living into action. The subjects include:  

Indoor Activities  
"Caring Our Water Resources"- A game encouraging the kids to appreciate the value of water.  

"Green Collectors" - Learn the contribution of waste separation through Q&A and real models demonstration.  
"The Green Olympic" - Learn green living habit by playing games related to clothing, eating, living and traveling.  
"Super 3R" - Know the "Programme on Source Separation of Waste" and progress of the local recycling industries.  
"How Much Do You Know About Green Living?" - Encourage students to re-think their living habit on "Clothing, Food, Living and Traveling.  
"Winter Is Not Cold" - Understand global warming and how we can combat it.  
"The Future of Energy" - Know the application and new development of energy.  
"Low Carbon Pioneer"- Learn the wise use of resources and practice green life through the energy saving equipment and green measures of the centre.  
Outdoor Activities  

"I Love Fruit"- Learn the growing habits of plant and different types of fruit.  
Junior Botanists" - Touch and learn different plant species.  
"Noise? Noise!"- Measure the volume of sound by instrument. And learn about noise pollution and preventive measures.  
"Nature Study" - Learn to record the information of plant and animal on site and share the fun of field study.  
"Wan Chai Green Map" - Understand the applications and existing limitations of green facilities.  
"Exploration on Wan Chai Green Trail" - The tour guide will tell you stories behind the plants, birds, butterflies or even squirrels that you may encounter on the city nature walk.  
"Arboriculturist trainee" - Understand how plants adapt to city environment and their contributions to us.  
2. Workshops :  
We organize "Sunday Workshop" on every Sunday on applying the concept "reuse" in the 4R's principle.  
Centre staff demonstrates how to turn waste into decoration or toy by exploring the residue value of municipal waste such as red pocket envelopes, packaging paper or plastic bottle, and transform the concept into action.  
"Lunch Workshop" - Open to public on different environmental topics during lunch break.  
3. Loaning of education materials:  
Education materials covering topics on environmental protection and ecology, such as video CDs, CD-Roms and education kits. The content will be updated regularly to meet the needs of environmental educating organizations and teachers.  
4. Display Panels and Subject Corner  
Display boards, books, posters, leaflets and related education kits under a designated topic will be on display at the Library Databank and Information Gallery. It aims at deepen the understanding of the public on a specific environmental topic.  

The topic is renewed every two months. Topics include:


Natures Wonder: Clouds

The Beauty of Dragonflies
Explore the Tropical Rain Forests
Biodiversity Hotspots: the Variety of Life



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Opening Hours:

10:00 to 17:00 every Monday,
Wednesday to Sunday; closed on Tuesdays and public holidays
Address : 221 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong (the former Wan Chai Post Office)
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