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Hong Kong's First Drink Carton Recycling Campaign

Hong Kong throws away 43,000 tonnes of drink cartons each year. Most are made of paper, plastic and aluminium. Unfortunately, Hong Kong has yet to implement any drink carton recycling campaigns due to lack of technology, facilities and economic incentive. Green Power is holding Hong Kong's first large-scaled drink carton recycling trial campaign.


《BUTTERFLY id》 the World’s first iPhone app for butterfly identification

The app uses unique technology, turning colour pattern of butterfly wings into a butterfly fingerprint. It breaks the traditional mode of butterfly watching. You need just three simple steps and 10 seconds to identify a butterfly. Download for free.


"5-min Shower Challenge" Mobile App

The mobile app helps users control their shower times and easily practice the 5-minute shower. Users can get Water Coins and raise their unique WaterBaby.

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Ivana Wong X Fire Lee in "Shower Song" MV

“Shower Song” MV written and performed by Ivana Wong and directed by Fire Lee continues to be a hit across the city.

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7.14 We Love Butterflies

We designated July 14 each year as "We Love Butterflies Day". Hong Kong previously had no specific "Wildlife Protection Day", and this has become the first stipulated day in Hong Kong to conserve and care for a type of animal.


Low Carbon Emission    Mobile App

Records and calculates carbon emission at any time. Has 3 main categories of carbon reduction, 5 categories in daily life, 25 ways to reduce carbon emissions, 42 day low carbon emission challenge. Be a low carbon emission expert, with one app on hand. Download for free.


5-minute Shower Challenge

Cut Carbon with Shorter Showers! Take 5-minute showers and help reduce 78,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide for Hong Kong.

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The First Coral Transplant Project in Hong Kong

There are 84 species of stony corals found in Hong Kong, which contributes to 10% of reef-building corals in the world. Yet, Hong Kong coral reefs have reached its downturn recently. Green Power has launched a rebuilding project by using transplanting method to rebuild corals in Hong Kong waters.


"Hiking × Eco Clean Up" Action

Promoting "Take your litter home". Restore the cleanliness of the countryside with a cleaning basket, while walking through country trails, and picking up rubbish along the way.

"Coastal Clean Up Team" Established

We gather primary school students to regularly clean the coastlines and to protect the natural environment through action, allowing them to learn about the coastal habitat at the same time, showing emphasis on both education and practice.


Protect the Wetlands - Join "The Common Cordgrass Removal Team"

The Common Cordgrass is spreading across the wetlands and destroying the habitat. Green Power has launched a series of Common Cordgrass removal activities to recover the wetlands.


EPS iDO! Urban Greening Programme

We are the first organisation to work on urban tree planting in Hong Kong. Greening in crowded urban areas can help clean the air, moderate the city's micro-climate, and add greenery to beautify our surroundings.

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