Banyan trees are witnesses to the changes in the environment, community and people as they live through the centuries. In different corners of Hong Kong, Banyan trees carry the collective memory of the people. Let us learn about the history of Hong Kong from an alternative perspective through these "elders".
Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree
Chinese Banyans of Hong Kong Railway Museum
Yuen Long Kam Tin Tree House
Yuen Long Tai Shue Ha
Chinese Banyans along Nathan Road
Chinese Banyan of Yung Shue Tau on Temple Street
Chinese Banyan at the junction of To Yuen Street and Grandeur Road
Chinese Banyan of Hong Kong Park
Big-leaved Fig on Garden Road
Masonry-Wall-Trees on Hollywood Road
Common Red-stem Fig in King's College
Chinese Banyan on Old Main Street of Aberdeen
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