Pok Fu Lam Reservoir Catchment Area
Tai Tam Catchment Area
Tai Tam Harbour (Inner Bay)
Nam Fung Road Woodland
D'Aguilar Peninsula
Hok Tsui (Cape D'Aguilar)
Yim Tin Tsai and Ma Shi Chau
Lin Ma Hang Lead Mine
Inner Deep Bay
Tai Long Wan
Tai Mo Shan
Mau Ping
A Chau
Lai Chi Wo Beach
She Shan Fung Shui Woodland
Mai Po Marshes
Sha Lo Tung
Hoi Ha Wan
Fung Yuen Valley
Ting Kok
Tai Ho Stream
San Tau Beach
Ngong Ping
Sham Wan
Ping Chau

SSSI refers to a certain site (which may be terrestrial and/or marine) that is of prominent interest for its flora, fauna, geographical, geological or physiographic aspects, and thus is of special scientific interest. Currently, there are 71 SSSIs in Hong Kong. Here, we will introduce 25 of these SSSIs.

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